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Yay! Costume College registration packet arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m teaching on Saturday afternoon, first thing Sunday morning (groan), and Sunday late afternoon.

Now, for class picks, I’m doing something different this year. I’ve found that I most enjoy classes where I learn a new technique but am not forced to do the whole thing in one go, and I’ve also found that I really enjoy having time to relax and socialize. Last year I signed up to take a make-something-in-class, which I could easily make at home with all my equipment and room and time, and I didn’t enjoy it at all. Plus lugging down the sewing machine etc. sucks.

So this year I am going easy on the limited classes! I’m asking for (in ranked order): Sleeves – Basic Block to Period Variations (because I’m always making my own sleeve patterns but usually am sort of faking it); Beginning Elizabethan Blackwork Embroidery (because I’ve been really enjoying embroidery and such handwork lately, and now have an opportunity to use blackwork via Bella Donna); and as a backup in case I don’t get into the sleeves class, Fairy Wings (because who doesn’t need a nice set of fairy wings?). Now I have to decide if I want to go down early on Thursday for the Sally Queen informal chat on 18th century costume.

Otherwise, I’m going to focus on teaching my classes, going to some of the unlimited classes (most excited about: Overview of 16th Century Gaelic Clothing [not because I have any plans, but it would be interesting to know what they really wore and not just what’s worn at faire], Ragtime Accessories for Ladies [yay accessories!], Dyeing Straw Hats [millinery!], Women’s Clothing Changes 1910-20 [just because I like the period]). There are some others that sound good but conflict with my teaching. I’m skipping most of the millinery classes because this Sunday I’m taking a buckram hat making class with GBACG, and skipping tambour because GBACG will be doing a workshop on this in November.


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