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Random Musings Part Deux

FIDM has finally started to put up some online images from this year’s Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition; so far just the Academy Award-nominated films are up (hopefully they’re going to do the rest as well?).

Those pesky Charles A. Whitaker auction people are having yet another of their costume and textile auctions; check out the online images. I may quite simply die over this Worth ballgown; do you think it’s the inspiration for this Haper’s Bazar plate (the whole iris motif?) that I started to recreate but ended up abandoning? Is this what the 10 yards of black duchesse silk lurking in my closet should turn in to? (Oh, WHAT to do with that fabric is really going to kill me, I think).

And while we’re traveling through random-land: new movie reviews of The Cazalets and Mrs. Henderson Presents are on the 20th century page.

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