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Stepford Wives (& Other Events)

So while I may be a lazy costumer these days, I did manage to get all dressed up 1950s-style to go to GBACG’s Stepford Wives tea yesterday! A small crowd but lots of fun people were there (including my husband, who comes to post-1920 events. Yay!) in faaaabulous attire — great hats and shoes especially. We were all wearing stuff of our grandmothers (clothes, jewelry) — I wore my glamorous ex-Ziegfeld Follies showgirl grandmother’s big rhinestone pin and her honking purple cocktail ring, a vintage 1950s blue dress and an annoyingly perky vintage hat. The food was great — cucumber and watercress sandwiches! and mini-cheesecakes! — and the tea was DIvine (they had this something/something/CHOCOLATE tea which was scrumptious). And yes, it was all just perfect (<– said in perky Stepford voice) — except for the rain (I learned one shouldn’t wear open-toed shoes when it’s wet out).

But most important… PHOTOS!

aaaand — last weekend I had a 1960’s co-birthday (me & my husband Michael) at which I wore the red 1960s repro dress I was working on a month or two ago (and big hair! and a tiara!). If you’d like to see photos, you can see them here on my Flickr account. Photos of the dress will get added to this site soon-ish!

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