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19th Century Fashion in Detail – in Detail

Okay, I’m sorry, it just has to be done. I know not everyone is feeling the love for Nineteenth-Century Fashion in Detail but I sooooooooooooo am. If you care to participate, here we go:

Pg. 16, 1885-86 riding jacket: wow, the braiding is outstanding. It looks like it’s continuous all the way down the jacket. Love the pleats at the back hem — I wish we could see them in person.

Pg. 20, 1817-20 lilac walking dress: the piping on this is just so amazing. But even more I am loving the passementerie appliques. Notice the binding on the inside of the collar seam — again, that’s something I would think of as a flaw in my own sewing, but here it is!

pg. 24, 1895 jacket bodice: the velvet! I love that they put the dart into the velvet/trim/thingie.

pg. 26, 1885 brown/orange dress: I am so loving this color scheme — I have 4 yards of a lightweight floral jacquard that is a very similar color. I love the built-in jacket effect, esp. how it’s cut shorter than the “vest.” Again, check out the box pleats at the back hem!

pg 50, yellow striped 1827-29 evening dress: this is SO not me, but I love it.

pg. 52, 1840s evening dress made of 1770s fabric: note wonkiness in the cartridge pleats! If I could find fabric like this…

pg. 64, 1890-93 worth candy cane bodice: WOW. I would sell family members for that fabric.

pg. 84, 1855-60 fan-front bodice: look! It’s pleated, not gathered!

pg. 86, 1865 wedding dress: I WANT. I think it’s mostly the silk duchesse satin that keeps hitting me over the head. Love the huge box pleats at the skirt waistband.

pg. 178, 1855-57 promenade dress: I LOVE the notted fringe.

pg. 200, 1885 day dress: I love the contrast between the bold print and the simple style.

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