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Oh. My. God.

Got my copy of Nineteenth-Century Fashion in Detail yesterday. PLUNK. It’s PORN, I tell you! PORN! (credit Bunny/Mercurio for the “porn” concept). There are all these salacious closeups of hot, quivering buttonholes and pleats and and… SMALL CHILDREN SHOULD LOOK AWAY.

Hot damn! Did you see the lavender 1810s dress and spencer (hello, Katherine? you so need to make that)? The green velvet fringed 1850s number? THE CANDY CANE 1890S WORTH GOWN? HELLO!

But seriously — not only is the book FABulous, but I’m really excited to see what I would consider teeny tiny flaws on these perfectly gorgeous gowns. Seams that are a tiny bit crooked, stitches showing, weird issues (like the ones I always have) where piping and binding doesn’t fold over nicely at a corner or edge. It makes me feel like I’m not so much of an amateur if the amazing seamstresses and courturiers who made these gowns can’t get around these issues either.

I LOVE YOU VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM. Will you marry me and/or have my love child?

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