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Oh My

I’d only heard offhand, unclear references to Moda a Firenze 1540-1580: Lo stile di Eleonora di Toledo e la sua influenza (Fashion in Florence 1540-1580: The style of Eleanora of Toledo and her influence), but my recent interest in Italian fashions of the 16th c. made me decide to hunt it down. And WOW, am I glad that I did! The book (in Italian and English) is simply gorgeous, with tons of portraits I’ve never seen before. But most importantly… want to see what Eleanora of Toledo’s burial dress really looks like? Want a research update on the dress (ie it never had sleeves)? Want to see a beautiful, full-length AND detail shot of this dress? Then get thee this book! Unfortunately it’s a bit hard to track down (and expensive — it seems to run in the $60 range, plus shipping from Italy) ) — try searching for books in Italian on Bookfinder.

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