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I Suck, Don’t I?

The second I got back from Costume College we started moving, hence the total lack of exciting-ness around here. DSL should be coming on the 11th, so look for my Costume College pictures plus updates to my Venetian diary then.

In the meantime, I can report that I had a faaaabulous time at Costume College this year. I actually ended up taking few classes, just going to the ones that I really wanted, and skipping those of mild interest — and spent much more time socializing, which is always the best part. I had a great time talking shop with similar-minded people, and plotting evil froufy explosions for Costume Con 26 (2008, in San Jose).

Anyway, class-wise I went to (dredging up memory here): Bustle-Era Hairstyles (which I taught, and which seemed to go really well — lots of interest, plus many in the audience had practical suggestions); Corset Cover Construction (of which I was only able to attend about an hour, but which made me buy some white embroidered lace insertion in the dealer’s room, and which consequently got me way too excited about making fancy Edwardian undies and getting going on my Room with a View suit); Basic Bodice Draping (again which I taught, and which also went really well, except for me totally underestimating how long it would take everyone to finish draping; everyone got their front and back draped, and did really well, even the people who initially were nervous); German Renaissance Cranach Gown (where I discovered that the four yards of orange silk damask that I bought off ebay because it was too good of a deal has a fated purpose, but which I’m a little bit leery of as I don’t like the bust silhouette); Modifying Shoes (she builds the heel into the correct shape using FIMO, and then she BAKES THEM! Wow! Must experiment!).

Side note: moving has been good, as we have a bigger place now, which means while I still don’t have a whole sewing room, there is less in the bedroom — which means that any room not taken up by the bed is now MINE for sewing. Yay! No more sewing in the living room! Plus I was able to dredge out my bought-for-$40-at-a-garage-sale-and-it-WORKS treadle and actually put it out where it can be seen.

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