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Costume College class schedules arrived this week and I, like so many other costumers, am all aflutter. (For those not currently signed up, the class list should be posted online sometime early next week if you’re interested in perusing). My a-fluttering has been a wee bit dampened, however, by the fact that the class I REALLY want to take directly conflict with the classes I’m teaching. rraanncnzzzznreaknzakfdndf!!! (I am teaching a lecture overview of women’s hairstyles of the bustle era, and a hands on Victorian bodice draping).

So my choices for limited classes are: 1) German Cranach gown construction/fitting (a period that I’d love to do), 2) Edwardian corset cover hands-on making (I’m hoping this will help me conquer my fear of tucking and insertion and all the bazillion little things that make up Edwardian whites), 3) Wig restyling (I forget the title, but it’s all about manipulating wigs, something I need to know more about), and 4) Modifying shoes (conflicts with one of my other choices, but the only other one I’m interested in so it’s here as a backup). No tours for me, as none catch my fancy and I’m skipping the garment district this year as my carpool group is short on time, plus I’m be slapping down large sums of money in just a few weeks in gay Paree!

Who’s going to Costume College? And if you’re not, WHY NOT? (Okay, okay, you have no money, but other than that there’s no excuse!)

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