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Costume Con Report!

Whew! I’m back and totally exhausted! It was in general a good time. On the one hand, there was some amazing costuming in evidence, and I had a good time hanging out with friends and meeting new people. There were a lot of GBACG people there, and I was excited to meet an ex-GBACG person whose work I’ve admired. On the other, it was no Costume College — although I only made it to a few panels, I’m not really a fan of the “panel” format and definitely prefer the lecture/workshops at Costume College and the focus on teaching rather than just talking about. I did get excited about making some not-so-strictly historical costumes, like my LOTR dress and maybe an 18th c. pirate-ess costume.

So the big super sekrit thing that wasn’t really a sekrit, but hadn’t been announced and I wasn’t sure of the etiquette, was that I was one of three judges for the historical masquerade. In general, it was fun to see and talk about costumes with some really talented and brave (to get up on stage and be judged!) people. I really liked getting to reward all of the hard work and talent we all put into our costumes. The down side was that it was a HA-UGE amount of work, including getting up at 7am-ish EVERY DAY except Monday and spending a good time of each day on judging (reviewing documentation, meeting with costumers to examine workmanship, etc.).

I wore my green stripey 1780s to the Friday Night Social, my 1910 Wings of the Dove afternoon dress on Saturday afternoon/evening, and my black & white natural form to the historical masquerade on Saturday night — which I heard looked good on stage, although I have no photos of myself in it! What with all the judging, the 1909 afternoon dress never made it out.

So here you go: PHOTOS, most of which are of historical costumes, but you know what I like!

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