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Report: I Am Not Dead!

I have been, however, sick as the proverbial dog since Wednesday. I know you all know, but there’s nothing worse to a costumer than taking TWO sick days and not be physically able to sew. Okay, I did a tiny bit on my Wings of the Dove dress (post forthcoming), but really nothing in the scope of having TWO DAYS OFF. So in non-fever, nose blowing news…

I’ve added a review of A Very Long Engagement to my 20th c. costume movies page.

I’ve caved and decided I am going to Costume College, where I shall be teaching a class on bodice draping and another on hairstyles of the bustle era.

And Sunday I dragged myself off of the couch (outside? there’s an outside?) to go Costume Academy, which is the GBACG one-day multi-class costume workshop. Attended Margo Anderson’s class on courtly women’s costume in the Elizabethan Era, then had lunch and looked at pretties (we had a dealer’s room this year!) and bought some vintage buttons — bought four (I know, they were expensive!) white satin with a little embroidered black flower 3/4″ vintage 1870s buttons, and five 1″ sorta brass colored will-work-for-Renaissance vintage buttons (I’m thinking I’ll incorporate these into my jeweled-belt-for-which-I-don’t-know-the-name for my Venetian gown) — and THEN taught my class on bustle gowns/overskirt (apron/poufs) draping. The class seemed to go well, in that some people said so afterwards, but I was so sick and out of it that I feel like I was very scattered and uninformative. It’s also SO annoying to try to teach an overview class without being able to have a bazillion images. I brought 11×17 color photocopies, but because of cost could only have about 20 images, when I would have loved to have shown much more (esp. undies, more construction details, etc.). I skipped the last class to return to my proper place on the couch.

And now I have to go back to work today! Whine!

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