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Yay to Sandy Powell for winning Best Costume Design for The Aviator! Loved the second-class citizen “everyone get on stage so we can shoot the losers” presentation, but hey, at least they let her on stage!

And the fashion report!

Hands down, Cate Blanchett won my best dressed award. Loved the cut, loved the fabric (silk taffeta!), LOVED the color combo. She’s fabulous.

Although I’m not terribly into blue, Kate Winslet looked great in it and I liked the glinty bits.

Charlize Theron looked like what she is: boring! Also Annette Bening (you couldn’t even see any detail [if she had any] on her boring black dress).

Beautiful color, beautiful fit: Salma Hayek. Same on Virginia Madsen (MUCH better than that clinging-in-all-the-wrong-places Golden Globes dress).

Straight outta 1988, and not in a good way: Melanie Griffith.

Emmy Rossum and Renee Zellweger both looked fabulous in my favorite shade of garnet red. I loved the tulle/organza/whatever on Zellweger’s neckline and train. Of course, both of them needed some protein, stat.

Penelope Cruz — good color, nice fabric, hair overwhelmed her… BUTT BOW!

Imelda Staunton looked just beautiful. Loved the very 1950s cut of the dress, great neckline, beautiful color. Perfect for her. See Melanie Griffith? You don’t HAVE to look like Dynasty!

Gwynnie wore a satin drawstring bag.

I liked Scarlett Johansson‘s glinty hair thingies. Thought the dress should have fitted a bit better on top.

Natalie Portman was 50/50 for me. I liked the Grecian look, very simple and elly-gant. But the color was a bit of a washout on her, and no one wants to see that much bony sternum.

Laura Linney: great cut, loved the fabric and the ruffles etc. Color was a bit of a washout, weird hair.

I’m torn on Hilar ySwank. The color worked well on her, I liked the fit, and I liked the dramatic backless-ness with the covered up in front. But the neckline was just a bit too stranglehold-y, and the fabric seemed very bike-shorts-y.

All of Beyonce’s dresses were either ugly or boring, but they were better than some of her usual stuff.

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