I cannot bring myself to do ANYTHING productive (read: for my wings of the dove dress, so instead I spent tonight trimming a cute little vintage bonnet that I found in an antique store a few months ago. It has machine stitching so it’s obviously 1940s-60s, but it yelled “I want to be a a cute little 1880s bonnet please!” to me so I took pity on it and took it home.

I’ve been collecting hat trims forever, but usually leave it until the last minute. So it will actually be nice to have something that’s actually thought out and not safety pinned together. Of course, now I need a dress to go with it… maybe a green sheer cotton early 1870s dress a la Buccaneers? (Note to self: FOCUS!!)

bonnet bonnet bonnet

In other (sometimes vaguely) costume-related news, I wore my stripey 1875 dress for my birthday Saturday night (and managed to make it NOT rain during the time period we walked to the restaurant and back); and I took Sarah and Kate to Discount Fabrics, where I managed to talk myself into 10 years of shot green/black silk taffeta for my (note to self: FOCUS!!) recreation of the green dress from Winterhalter’s portrait of Empress Eugenie and her ladies in waiting.

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