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Jennifer of A Festive Attyre has caught the Victorian bug and is making an 1875 afternoon gown. So far, she’s still at work on the undies, but check out her GORGEOUS corset! Flossing! Pretty!

Kim of Silk Poppy — gorgeous early- to mid-20th century couture-level sewing — has started a sewing blog for a 1940s-esque jacket. Should be interesting!

Christina of Nehelenia Designs has made a gorgeous copy of one of the stripey 1780s robes a l’anglaise from the Kyoto Fashion book. I want! I Want!

And finally, Heidi of A Dissipated Mind recently chronicled the gawgeous bustle gowns she made for the SASS convention. Purdy!

Whose costuming have you been admiring lately?

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