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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I got absolutely no costume sewing done, although I did work on an appliqued skirt to wear to a dinner party Friday night — which I am proud to say I sewed myself into (no time to put in a zipper)! Photos soon.

I did get to see Finding Neverland, so I’ve added a review to my Edwardian costume movies page, plus I’ve added a review of Swing Kids to the 20th c. costume movies page (thanks to those who’ve poked me to review it).

Random thoughts: how many of you get mental costuming fever like I do? I’ll see a movie, pick up a pattern, or just start thinking, and suddenly I HAVE to have something. Late last week, it was a late 1900s suit; then I saw Finding Neverland and really wanted an Edwardian lingerie blouse; then I found a cheap copy of the Past Patterns 1920s step-in combinations and suddenly was lusting for 1920s undies. I’m terrible — I get this costume lust and suddenly am off buying patterns, looking at online fabric shops, scouring ebay… I swear, if it weren’t for online shopping, I’d be a lot richer! It’s hard, because I’m terribly excited about my current and sensibly planned future projects, but then I get totally (mentally) sidetracked into something totally different. Is there a cure? Do I even want one?

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