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(Temporary) defeat accepted!

When, at 3am Saturday morning, the dress still wasn’t in wearable condition, I made the admirable decision to chuck it all, go to bed, and wear my black & ivory natural form gown. I worked and worked and worked, but it never happens as fast as I think it should.

Thursday night I made the sleeves. I thought I liked the mockup, but when I made the real deal I stopped liking it. I want to make it fit a bit more on the upper arm and then to flare out just from the elbow — right now it’s too much of a big tube. Forgot to upload photos, sorry!

Friday ALL day and night I worked on trimming the skirt. The pleats around the hem of the underskirt were the killers — it took a while to iron in the pleats, and then I had to pin each one into place before I could sew it. It looks fabulous, but it took most of the day.

At 2am I was finally making ruches, which I’ve got laid on here (not stitched) to see the effect (which is going to be really good!), but again, I was going to need a whole lot of ruching to make this thing wearable — plus I had yet to trim the sleeves. Sense ruled over sensibility, so to bed I went!

trim1 trim2 trim3 trim4

So! Now I will make this for the GBACG day at Dickens Faire on 12/11. Yay for new deadlines! Photos from the tea coming soon.

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