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I just added reviews of Bright Young Things to the 20th c. cinema page, The Lost Prince to the Edwardian cinema page, and The Young Visiters to the Victorian cinema page.

Speaking of which, I’m halfway through Henry VIII and seen one episode of Regency House Party — let’s dish! Did you see the front-closing corset on the hostess’s companion on RHP? Don’t some of the gowns (especially the checked taffeta) look REALLY familiar?

And HVIII — I’ve always thought Katharine of Aragon was the most interesting of Henry’s wives, especially because she and Henry were very much in love for about 15 years until his attentions started to stray. Her story is very dramatic — sent to England at a very young age, married for 6 months, husband dies, then spends a couple of years in limbo with no money as Henry VII wouldn’t return her dowry money and Ferdinand of Spain wouldn’t send the portion of her dowry that hadn’t been paid. Then Henry VII dies, Henry VIII marries her, la la la. Anyway, everyone always starts any HVIII story with Anne Boleyn and gives KA short shirt, imho. I really like Helena Bonham Carter and think she did a pretty darn good job as AB, but yes, the pregnancy definitely shows.

Anyway, both are total shlock fests but I’m enjoying them! What do you think?

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