shoe sizing

(I’m not… talking… about… the… election… GAH!) Ahem. In my quest for retail therapy, I have a bee in my bonnet about getting some antique Victorian/Edwardian boots. But here’s the problem I always have with antique/vintage shoe shopping! I’m tall. I have big feet. I wear an 11, which when I look at standard shoe sizing charts seems to indicate that shoes my size should measure somewhere around 10.5″. But whenever I look at shoes on ebay etc., the sellers will say that they’re somewhere around 10-11″ long, but that they’re a size 6 or 7. What gives? Obviously some room is lost when you’ve got a pointed toe, but how the heck am I ever supposed to be able to tell whether a shoe will fit me? And yes, I’ve tried measuring shoes in my closet (even those with pointy toes are usually around 11-11.5″ long)… but I’m still lost.

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