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1875 Afternoon Dress

Here we goooooooo… This has been on my want-to-do list for so long that I really need to crank it out. I’ve always loved this fashion plate from Jean Hunnisett (you know me and stripes! I promise to do something non-striped next… well, maybe), plus I really want to work on some outfits that already have completed undies (so much less work when you’re not making the corset too).

At some point this will have an evening bodice, but right now I’m going to make the skirts and afternoon bodice. The afternoon bodice will be some conglomeration of this Godey fashion plate and this dress (found on some for sale site but can’t remember where!).

1875_edm godey_1874

bodice_design1 bodice_design2

I’m going to use Truly Victorian patterns for the skirts. I’ve realized that drafting skirts is a lot of work for something that doesn’t require a lot of fitting, so it’s easiest just to use a commercial pattern.

I’ve actually cheated on this project in that sometime last year, when I was supposed to be working on something else, I put together most of the petticoat. I’m going to do a little faking on this project — I think I should really wear a larger bustle than I have under this (not quite the REALLY big early 1870s, but still bigger than my more 1880s sized bustle. The petticoat (pics to come, sorry, not that organized) is made from the underskirt pattern (early 1870s) and has lots of ruffles up the CB portion. I’m hoping that will bulk up the skirt enough to suit the mid-1870s look.

I’m hoping to get the afternoon outfit done by Nov. 20, which is the GBACG Tea with the Buccaneers (only one of my favorite bustle-era movies); evening bodice will be forthcoming at some unspecified date.

I’m also working to regain my excitement about putting all this out there after being flamed by an obviously unbalanced person; I know I should always expect it, but I’m still seething a bit. I promise to get more details up soon.

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