heart of the forest faire

Thanks to the always available option of sewing oneself into one’s costuming, I made it out of the Heart of the Forest faire in Marin on Sunday. (I started on Sarah’s [www.modehistorique.com] suggestion of using ribbon for lacing — see my last post on my 1560s Nuremberg dress project — but only got one side done and was out late dancing on Sat. night).

The faire was fun, but (obligatory) not Black Point (the site of the old northern Calif. Renaissance Faire, and the location at which I used to work). Lots of great costumes, of which I photographed only a fraction. I got to dance in one stage show with the English country dance group I used to perform with, the Merrie Pryanksters (and I’ll actually be performing with them in two weeks at the Golden Gate Renaissance faire — hey, it’s like 15 min. from my house, how can I not?).

My dress worked out well except I definitely need a more appropriate hat and sleeves to complete the look. I’ll try to do something before the Golden Gate faire, but we’ll see.

There’s a few squinty-eyed photos of me and my dress (hey, it was BRIGHT) plus a few random costumes I liked:

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