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2012 Recap – Costumes & Events!

Now that I’ve finally posted about the last costume event of 2012, I can finally post my end-of-year recap!

(C) Wendi Koble

In late December/early January, I made a 1575 Florentine veste & petticoat to wear to Sarah’s laurelling ceremony.

In January, I wrote an article on 1912 evening wear

…and another on hair, makeup, and accessories.

In April, I bought some Indian wedding jewelry, slightly altered my 1910 Lady Maud evening dress, and went to the GBACG Titanic event.

In May, I made a new Venetian Renaissance dress to wear to Bella Donna performances….

(C) Mark Schiffer

…and it had its first outing when Bella Donna performed at the Valhalla Renaissance Faire.

(C) Karen Fox

I spent way too much time in June handsewing an 18th century Turkish ensemble, which I wore to the Lumieres Salacious Salon.

(C) Andrew Schmidt,

In July, I made the 1938 Marie Antoinette sorta-rocket dress, which I wore to Costume College.

Over fall,  I worked on a tambour embroidered fichu, which is nearly done (but not quite).

(C) Laurie Tavan

In September, I performed with Bella Donna at Much Ado About Sebastopol, a benefit Renaissance Faire that is really breaking new ground in terms of authenticity AND entertainment.

For Italian Heritage Day, Bella Donna walked in the SF Italian Heritage Parade and performed for two North Beach Italian restaurants.

In October, Bella Donna got dressed up and took a gondola ride on Lake Merritt in Oakland with Gondola Servizio.

(C) David Bedno

In early November, I recovered and trimmed a had, did some stage makeup, and wore my Maja dress to the Vampire Ball

…where I performed with Bella Donna.

(C) Brigit Kinch

Later that month, Bella Donna performed at the SCA West Kingdom fall Collegium feast, a beautiful dinner and dance set in 1530s Corregio. I actually reworked my green Venetian dress a bit, but I have no photos yet so I have yet to post about it!

In December, I reworked the failed Champagne fancy dress costume, which I wore to the Dickens Fair.

(C) Deborah Borlase

At the very end of December, I added a placket and wore my Gwendolen dress and had tea with the GBACG.

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