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18th C. Costume Exhibition at the Musee des Tissus (Lyon)

One of the things I’m hoping to do in France, if I decide I’m up for an out-of-Paris daytrip, is to head to the Musee des Tissus in Lyon to view their new 18th century costume exhibition:  “Si le 18e siècle m’était conté… costumes d’exception” (which I think means “If the 18th century could tell me tales…exceptional costumes”?).

Here’s their writeup (in French), which links to some fabulous videos featuring items from the exhibiton:
Exposition Le costume féminin au 18e s. by Musee_des_Tissus
Exposition Le costume masculin au 18e s… by Musee_des_Tissus
Exposition dans l’Intimité d’une journée au 18e s. by Musee_des_Tissus
Exposition Histoire du costume au 18e s. by Musee_des_Tissus

Heileen went to see it, and she posted photos on Flickr (as well as photos of a related exhibition and their permanent collection).

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  • Reply Maud May 11, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    actually, the english closest translation for the exhibition title is ‘if the eighteen century was told to me’ this is a beautiful exhibit, but by two hours away from Paris with TGV(high speed train).This links for videos are quite cool, because there is infortunatelly no catalogue for this particular exhibit…
    by the way, i trully love your site, and i am very sorry if i’m doing a few ‘english mistakes’, but it is not always easy for a french girl…

  • Reply kendra May 12, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    Maud – thanks for the better translation! And never worry about language mistakes — you should see me when I try to comment on French blogs! :)

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